Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rewinding to the night before....

Hi there, happy new year everyone and I hope you are feeling good today, or at least the hangover is not so bad! A quick tip to help you survive the hang over; drink sports drinks. The special isotonic in sport drinks are more effective in hydrating the human body in comparison to water. Anyway, a hangover is just a reminder of what a good night you had the night before!!!!

I wish all of you all the best in 2011 and that you will have the energy, luck and support from family, friends and co-workers to help you achieve your goal in 2011!!!!

I've talked about my low carb diet before, i want to share with you this is what most of my meals look like (well, at least for the past 2 months).

I went to Roka to have my last dinner for 2011, the 1st picture is one of my favorite, their fresh tofu. What followed next was a selection of 5 raw fish. aka sashimi

Since it was new years eve, in stead of drinking, i budget some "eating quota" for an awesome desert from Sake San, a newly opened Japanese restaurant in Soho......Pumpkin Penna cotta. Ok. ok. not exactly low carb by any means, surely, for new years eve, it does no harm in having a dessert! Especially i went for a Bodycombat class during the afternoon!!!!

All was well until i got home and pigged out with my bf with stuffing my face with cookies. Don't ask how much.

Signing off now!
Cuppypower xxx 


  1. looks like a good dinner - presentation is awesome. i'm sure it tasted good too.

  2. Thank you Ryan for swinging by! I've always been impressed with the food presentation at Roka. The tofu is super creamy, freshly made each day at their resturant. Since i've cut out refined and manmade carbs my taste buds are a lot more sensitive to food :)