Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12Weeks workout Program to build Strong muscles and Sexy Curves

Decision made.

I have been finding it hard to decide which program I want to do for the next 12 weeks and I finally settled for a program that promise by doing 30-45 mins of intense weight lifting (with reasonable eating habits), it will give me Sexy Muscle and Curves

I am going to use myself as human Ginny pig and see if it delivers. For those who has been following my journey will know that I take my workouts very seriously. I am either IN or OUT, I don’t do “I will try”. The only quirk about me is my diet. I do not follow conventional/ body building diet recommendations, it does not work for me.

What I hope to achieve in this experiment/ program is to show the ladies who are reading,
·         what kind of results you can expect from lifting heavy, without the help of supplementation at all, but eating a large quantity of meat
·         I hope I will gain shape on my shoulders, arms, and better defined abs. I am pretty happy with my legs and bottom, I am hoping they will not gain too much bulk.
·         I plan to stick in 1 INSANITY and 1 BODYCOMBAT class a week as my cardio workout that would be all
·         I will take before and after picture to let you all see how I am getting on

That’s the plan, but I am thinking about switching things up for the cardio in week 5 and week 9 as the weight lifting gets intense.

What do you think? Have I missed out anything that I need to consider?

Singing off for now

P.S. I hope you will enjoy looking at the BodyBuilding.com website, I have found a lot of helpful videos and tips on there. Also I want to share with you that I am not a beachbody coach member, so I do not benefit from your shopping at the link I have provided for INSANITY.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Show some love!!!!!

This blog goes out to coachtemplar and other who are very attached to that number that appears on the bathroom scale. Believe I used to be one.

The ones who has been with me from the beginning might know that I have not lost hardly any lbs. Yes, that’s right. From all the ass kicking, sweat breaking sessions, the bathroom scales decided that it likes to point between 124 - 127lbs (that’s my weight when I first started working out again) but I recently discovered that my progress is actually a lot better than what it seems. Here is how you can “rethink” the number your bathroom scales has been telling you:

Weight in lbs
Body fat %
Fat Mass lbs
Lean Mass lbs
3 Jan 2011
125.00 (56.7kg)
16 Feb 2011
123.24 (55.9kg)
22 Mar 2011
126.32 (57.3kg)
1 of Insanity
30   This must be a mistake!!! I will check my recoards and amend! 29/07/2011
8 Jun
Wk 4 of Insanity
Wk 5 of Insanity
7 Jul
12 Jul

Ok, so you might ask, what's her point? What I am trying to say is, even my weight did not change much, but when you plot the data out, I can see that I am on the right trend. A decline in fat mass, and an incline in my lean mass. Granted that is not a fast progress, but when you put it into context, that is a whoooooooooooooooooooping 7.64lbs of fat lost and 8.74lbs of muscle gain.

(I updated the graph 15/7/2011 because the one before was wrong!!!!)

Another note that i should make is that i do weekly averages on my weight and body fat %. which means my readings are even more accurate. I am not in it to fool myself. For me personally, the more the data, the marrier.

Hope you found this usefull and makes you wanna jump on the scales everyday!
Signing off for now

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are you INSANITY hardcore?

My lips turned blue today when i was doing my INSANITY . Why you might ask; it happened for a number of reasons:
  • I exchange some of the "moves" in the DVD with other personal "favorites". These moves are usually more advanced in comparison.
  • I was being HARD CORE  and was in a state of Anaerobic exercise 
So, you think your workout is HARD CORE? Just how hardcore is it! Show me and tell me what you are doing!!!! We are not in a competition with each other, just satisfy my curiosity for once! ;)

Signing off for now

P.S. hopefully you will find this informative!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Motivation tips

I want to make a confession. My motivation level has been a little Wobbly lately. I know that I could come up with a million reasons why that is, and I am not going to make excuse for myself.

I have been desperately trying to get my focus back on and I am happy to report that my  motivation tank has been fully replenished. I want to share with you what happened to me in the pass 2 week.

1st event. My bf took a picture of me when we were away on holiday
Here it is.

We are always very critical of ourselves, but hand on my heart, I looked toned in the pictures, and that pictures were “normal picture” taken when I was completely off guard. Also he took some pics for my How to avoid holiday weight gain blog, again, in some of the photos, I looked strong and focus

Second event took place yesterday when I was doing my INSANITY. A fellow gym rat was doing some stretches after his run (he looked like an endurance runner) and he was there for about 5 mins or so. Just as I was down getting ready to do my S hop thing for the warm up he said to me “that could only be INSANITY, you are keeping up quite well” and then he went on to say “how many times have you been through it?” I was too busy to keep myself from having an heart attack and quickly replied “my 1st round but I have completed P90X before this. Have you done INSANITY” and his reply was “I started a few times”

One final event happened today at my INSANITY: Max Plyo session at lunch time. A personal trainer was working with a middle age lady (who is hopefully on her starting point of fitness journey) and they were there for a good 40 mins at least. The trainer was in the process of explaining core exercise, and I over heard him say “Even I couldn’t do some of the move she is doing” the lady “it looks like hard work” the trainer than said “Yes it is hard work, but she has trained a solid core”

To hear a Personal Trainer admitting that it takes hard work to build a strong body, better lines did it for me.

To have fellow Gym Rats indirectly motivating me by letting me know that what I am doing is not easy.

To know that I am not alone on my jounry in pushing my psersonal limits on a daily bases (please see my fellow fitness crazy blogger YumYucky)

To know that I am much stronger and leaner than what I see in the mirror is a comforting and motivating thought.

What motivates you? Can I help in getting you M Power back on track?!
Stay strong and keep pushing and you will be surprise how far you can go.
Singing off for now

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When to take your Protien Shake

Lol. I love Scooby. tell it how it is and he is in it for real!!! But I do question if he is doing supplement himself.... especially how he used a syringe in the video....

I hope the video will make you reassets if you really do NEED to spend your $ on that "supplement".

Signing off for now