Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ab Wheel for 6 packs- how to!

Hello my curious readers. Hope you are all keeping well, digging deep and keeping your body healthy and strong. I am constantly looking for inspirations on the Internet to motivate me to work harder at the gym. 

Meet your inspiration of the day: John. Seriously people, no more excuses, put in the hard work! If John can do the 100+ reps on an Ab Wheel, what make YOU think that you can not. The only thing that is stopping you is YOU . 

Signing off for now.
P.S. May those who don't belive in you and tell you that "YOU CAN"T, YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT" eat their words on a plate with knifes and forks. With a bit of vinegar thrown in.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The truth always hurts!

Hey everyone, I have been away digging deep and working hard on my final couple of weeks on my P90X. I was snooping on the tube and saw this and there is alot of truth in what is being said in this video.
I hope it trigger you to think about if you are blindly following what you are told in life, health, nutrition and other areas of life. Just because the "experts" tells you doesn't mean it is the right thing for YOU. Be your own boss, Be your own judge and figure out what works for YOU!!!!

Singing off for now.