Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stopping Food Cravings!

Hello everyone, I know I have not updated my blog for quite a while, as there has been not much going on recently. What I meant is, I am still working out, pushing weights etc. and apart from working out, the only other thing I am really focusing is my work!

BUT!!! Today I have something to share with you about Cravings!

For those of you who has been following my blog and saw my bunny chop idea, which provides me a one glance look my diet food intake for the month has been “clean” or not. My boyfriend has recently made a causal comment which lead to me checking out my food intake record.

He causally said to me last month “I knew you will be having cake cravings about now” and of course, I followed up with “how did you know?” I mean, I didn’t even know I will be having a cake attack, so how the hell does he know about it. He went on to explain that he notice my cake attacks usually comes along a few days before my period! OMG!!!!

So ladies, if you track your food intake habits, you might be able to spot your own patten. I am not saying your “insert food name-  attack trigger will be the same as mine, but I am pretty confident that it might have something to do with our bio chemistry. If you know what is triggering it, then you will be able to plan and defend your waist line!

Singing off for now <3

P.S: than I said to my man, I bet a cake craving is no-where near as bad as having a moody cow around! His reply was. “Hell yeah”