Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture speaks a thousand words

Apologies for keeping you guys waiting!!! So here are my photo comparison form day 0 to day 30. Not much has changed visually between the 2 (apart from i dyed my hair black) ….. what do you think?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a fact,

If I binge eat on carbs, I cannot perform well the following day at work.

My body is telling me this morning, it is not impressed with my poor nutrition chooses from yesterday. I really struggled with my back work outs. Yes, the 80lbs weights assistant pull ups were not easy in week 2 & 3, but they were doable. Today, as you do with P90X I try to push my number by reducing the weight assistance to 70lbs aiming to stay with 12 reps. After 2 of sets at 70lbs I have to add my weight assistance back to 80lbs. Sure i managed my 144reps but I really really struggled to complete them in good form…..

Lesson learnt. No more processed, poor nutrition for me!

Oh, and the fact that i am not getting anywhere near what i should be getting in terms of Close eye time probably doesn't help my performance.

Anyway, keep well and signing off for now

Monday, February 21, 2011

5 year old doing 100+ push ups under 2 mins

Ok, it's all about push ups today and this one might result in some nasty comments here, but look at this little boy. He managed 100+ push ups (regardless of his form) if he can do it, surely many more people out there can achieve that too?!

Some people might think that the video is wrong, or it is wrong for adults around him to encourage, pushing him to do so many push ups, but LOOK!!! LOOK at his happy face right at the end, can you not see that he considers it to be fun to be set a target and actually achieving it?

What is your goal? What are you trying to achieve today? I hope you are as inspired by this little boy as I am!

Singing off for now


But I am not going to take it lying down. Just to refresh your memories, and for those curious new readers, I am doing a fitness program called P90X. I am following the lean version and has been thinking that the program was very doable for the Phase 1. Today it is my day 3 of Phase 2, i made it through, but i was not impress at how weak i was. By the time I am almost half way into the DVD, I could hardly do any pushup with my keens on the floor, regardless of the One-arm push up!!! All I could do is literally went into a plank, as soon as i try to bend my elbow to go down, my arm just gave up on me, and i went DOWN. That was not nice, but i was pleased because it tells me that i was really pushing myself and my body is just not ready and prepared for it!

I am looking forward to the results when i finish P90x, i have no doubt that i will be much strong at the end of the 90day program and hopefully by that point I will be able to do what this lady is doing. Although her form is not perfect, but the fact that she can do it gives me inspiration and motivation that i can do it too.

Nothing is impossible, the only impossibility when it comes to fitness is if YOU deemed yourself that it is not achievable. Set yourself an achievable goal, put a time frame on it and put the handwork in + dedication. Believe in yourself, I believe that handwork will pay off. Do it for yourself, you owe it to no one but yourself.

You know what, there are so many things, people, reaction, comments, happenings in our life that is totally beyond our control, I want to be in the driver’s seat in my life (when it comes to fitness and $), so that when the uncontrollable things in life happens, I do not freak out, because I know the importance things in my life are taken care of and is going the way I want to, because I am committed and has put my hard work into it to ensure that is the case.

Stay healthy and strong everyone!
Signing off for now.

Friday, February 18, 2011

No guilt strawberry icecream with chocolate brownie cake

You all P90X people, must must must watch this video. This dude uses shakeology to make this dessert!!!! I would eat it, especially it is very low in fat!!!!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I cheated

Hello there!!! Yes I am a cheater....

I could not wait any longer and done my 30day weight in with the InBody machine.... So the machine told me that my body fat is at 25.9%!!!! Since my last weight in my stats before P90X the report said i had 30% body fat!!!!

Happy days!

A quick note about my P90X, yesterday i was suppose to do X Stretch, i did 50mins cross trainer machine on an interval setting, and today i am suppose to be doing Cardio X, i've hit the gym and did a Bodycombat class.

More details to come.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You are what you eat!!!

I was addicted to Carbs. I love love love love love carbs. BUT i know that carbs are not good for me. Regardless of what main stream media and health experts tells you, you are the only person who truly knows what makes your body tick, what makes you fat and what doesn't. For ME. it's carbs, it has always been carbs.

For those of you who knows and has been keeping an eye on this space will know that I am on a low carb diet and today, whilst i was snooping around on youtube, i found this dude who i felt gavee a very true and realistic view on a low carb diet, any diet period. He does follow a low carb diet, and i especially agree with him that you have to work out what you are content with in your life. He is attempting to loses 100lbs in 100days To really understand what i mean and what he is doing to loses the 80lbs+ , you might have to click and see a number of his videos.

Be warned, this dude uses the "f" word alot in his video.

So what is your choice? What do you chose to be? TODAY?

Follow his journey on youtube by searching: TheUnbreakableOne

Stay Strong everyone!!!!
Signing off for now.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A long lost friend

My day 24 of P90X LEAN calls for Kenpo X.

It made me think of my long lost hero Billy Blanks. He was probably one of the first people to start off the hype for Boxercise. Also my hero who helped me to get in shape during my lower and upper sixth, gearing me up for hitting the gym when i started at university.

I got Billy's Taebo Challenge a while back (like 2 years ago) in one of my many attempts to try to start working out again.... but you guessed it; that never happened.

Since I am missing my cardio so much and I think i need to kick my Kenpo effort up a little bit more, I decided to go with a pro and instead of doing my Kenpo X, I did my Taebo Challenge. I have to say that i was a little disappointed with the work out. Even though it was suppose to be a challenge, i enjoyed his much older work out video . It was not so much of how the videos were filmed, but it was the intensity of the workout itself. Having said that, I still do recommend anyone doing the P90X to substitute the Kenpo for a boxercise pro to shake things up a little bit!!!

The clip is from one of Billy's older work outs. 

Do check out his site, if you are new to boxercise, his work out are pretty easy to follow and he is a great starting point if you are considering picking up Bodycombat. Billy will allow you to get familiar with the different terms used in boxercise TaeBo will definitely get your sweating. If that is what you are looking for. 


Signing off for now.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

3 weeks = 6lbs less

Back on day 10 of P90X Lean, i have told myself to stay away from the scale as much as possible because i do not want those little numbers that appeared from that evil little window to dictate how i am going to feel for the rest of the day.

To my surprise, i went onto the scale last night and found myself weighting 6lbs less!!!! I am on day 23 of P90X LEAN, and let's see if those 6lbs stays off or it was just a freak incident which made the scales decided to be nice to me.

Happy Sunday everyone and hope you are enjoying the day :)
Signing off for now.

Quiche with Summer Squash

Sean Can't Cook: Crustless Quiche with Summer Squash

This one is awsome. Protein mins the Carbs!!!!

Signing off for now.

Count down. T-7

Happy sunday everyone!!!! It's 1:23am Hong Kong time, and i just had another go at Yoga X. I managed to do the first 60mins. and after that, it all seems a little too dangours to do at home with out a spotter. I don't want to hurt myself, and i felt like i really give it all i had the first 60 mins. that is good enough for me :)

So I have 7 more days left till my 30 days weight in. I am soooo looking forward to getting onto that InBody machine again and see if my hard work has paid off.

Be sure to come back in about a weeks time to tune in for the 30 days photos of my P90X program!!!!

I hope you are have a relaxing yet productive week end.
Signing off for now.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spinning - missing the cardio

I went to my extra cardio class today. Spinning. If you asked me if i like spinning 2 months ago, i would have said no way.

Now that I am doing P90X, my view has changed completely. I actually miss my spinning classes!!!! I miss the fact that it makes me drip with sweat, and that i feel like i have really melted some fat off!!!!

How is your day going my curious reader? How are you spending your day? Burning the fat? Challenging your body to the max? Are you curious about how far and how fast can you push your body to go?

Signing off for now.

Stronger than yesterday

Yesterday was my day 19 of P90X which means Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X. As I mentioned before, my weight is not coming down but I am feeling stronger. Last night I proved to myself that I AM stronger. I went from doing weight assisted pull ups of 36lbs x 116reps to Pulling  46lbs x 144reps. I weight 126lbs

I know that my reps are very high, that is because I use the worksheets when I do my pull ups, and how it has 2 lines next to each exercise? I mistaken it for 2 sets for each… so there for I done

2sets x 12reps Reverse Grip Chin-Ups @ 80lbs weight assistant
2sets x 12reps Wide Front Pull-Ups @ 80lbs weight assistant
2sets x 12reps Close Grip Overhead Pull-Ups @ 80lbs weight assistant

X 2

I can’t wait to see if I will be able to do pull ups without weight assistant by the end of the P90X program!!!!
Signing off for now

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HATA yoga round 2

Nope. still not liking it. but i did a shoulder stand today (with the instructor's help). He didn't know that i was new to yoga.....

Signing off for now.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello everyone,

Happy new year! I have been disconnected to my blog over the past few days! Apologies for those of you who came back to keep an eye on me!

I am sad to report that i have been eating unhealthily over the past few days. It was Chinese new year and i let myself loose a little.... but i did do my P90X workouts. I am now on day 16 of my P90X, I have been eating well most of the time and definitely pressing “play and brining it” but I just don’t seems to be getting the results I was hoping for…. And on Sunday, I almost let this downward spiral get the better of me and gave up on the work out.

I hope in my day weight on the 20th I will be able to re-motivate myself that my dedication is paying off and that my body is changing for the better….

In need for some positive energy here.
Signing off for now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pain with P90x.....

Ok folks, I did the back and legs + Ab ripper X yesterday on my P90X program, and today i have muscle pain deep in my butt-ox!!!!!
May be the first week i was trying to understand the moves and this week i have upped the weights on most of the work outs, i am definitely feeling it working my muscles more now. I am however letting my hair down today and eating all the wrong food today because it is Chinese new year! To compensate for this, i am considering either to start P90x again or extend Phase 2 and 3 by 1 week.
I weight myself tonight, and is sad to report that i have not lost even 1 lb :(
But I am not going to give up, I will get in shape and be the healthiest i have been when i turn 30 this Aug. I will do it for myself. I owe it to myself.
Wishing you all a very happy Chinese new year, hope you will be surrounded by love ones and will receive the support you are for in order to achieve your goals in the year of the golden rabbit!
Signing off for now

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taco Bell's meat

I came across this video on the P90X wall on face book and wanted to share it with you. It's about  Taco Bell's meat
I think the video apply to most fast food. You are just never quite sure what it is they have added in it to make it so addicitive!
It's Chinese new year tonight, i wish all you curious readers healthy, happiness and success in all that you do in the year of the golden rabbit.
Have a good one!
Signing off for now!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ok, this is my second week of P90X and since i switched it up a bit instead of doing Yoga X today, i went and join the HATHA Yoga at my gym at lunch time.

HATHA was quite fast paste, faster than i remember it used to be when i tried it out ages ago. The class was difficult, i lost my balance a few times, but can definitely see myself going back for more. I did find the class painful (due to the stretching) as I am curious to see 2 or 3 months down the line if i will be able to follow all of the moves!

I am not seeing much change in my body yet, and have to say that prob. that is because i am not following the stright eating guild. Yesterday when i did my arms and shoulders, i stepped the weights up to 10lbs and 8 lbs and did struggle little to finish. That's the only way my body can grow stronger, so i will keep pushing my limits!

Anyways, have a good day everyone
Signing off for now.
Cuppypowers xxx