Thursday, July 26, 2012

Game plan for getting my body back post pregnancy

Hello my curious readers! I have been away for far too long. I am still working out and I will post a photo on here very soon to share with you how Muaythai boxing has changed my body shape in the short 2 months since i have picked it up again.

I am writing this post as I am have been putting alot of thought in the recent months regarding pregnancy and how I should have a game plan for getting back in shape/ staying active when the even occurs. I have been inspired by a number of post by ladies who are in awesome shape after child birth such as Sophie, Erinn and Lindsay and Josie and many many more.

I think if have decided the best strategy for me will be to be in the best shape of my life prior to pregnancy, i will be better prepare as i know what i can look like and are more likely to have the desire to get that body back.

I hear you say "It's easier said than done."

I say "WATCH ME!" ;)

Keep on training eveyone, singing off for now