Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting flat abs for females... and males.

Hello everyone,

Long time no speak. I have been lazy in updating this blog, however, i am still working hard on my body! Day in day out! And this is what i want to share with you.

Sure thing we see all these "ab workouts" which promises to get you a set of sexy flat abs/ 6 pack abs in no time and i get ask "what do i do for my abs" on a number of occasions. Often i would go BLANK! because the truth is, i do not do one thing, one move, one exercises have a killer ab routine to whip my abs in shape. It is a combination of things, common sense things like, making sure you are eating and pooping right, working out right and having good posture!

Everyone is born with a 6 pack, you just need to reduce your Bodyfat % and you will be able to see them! That is why you see young kids who are runing around day in day out the playground with abs! Not because they are doing 1, 000crunches a day!

Keep up the great work and take care of yourself!! Siging off for now!