Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Which is more effective P90X, BodyRocker, 6 Pack Shortcuts, Insanity

After a years of yoyo dieting, countless diet pills, loyal viewer of a number of very popular fitness channels on YouTube it has suddenly dawned onto me something that has gone under my “common sense radar” for a long time. Too long.

Don’t get me wrong, all the programs I have mentioned are good solid programs, they are designed to caters for you to establish a habit of working out. Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and that is why programs like P90X, Insanity is 1 month plus. As for the shorter programs like BodyRockers and 6 Pack Shortcuts are also solid programs that motivates you to stick with short intense training, and if you can commit to that 15 mins a day; any form of exercise on a consistent bases will do wonders. Notice the word CONSISTANT; it is something you need, to get yourself lean, and ripped. Commitment to your health and wellbeing involves you getting enough rest, consistently eating well, and consistently moving.

I personally believe, structured programs like P90X and Insanity are actually more suitable for beginners, as they are put together to help you establishing a route, eliminate boredom and assist you in forming a new habit to work out, needless to say, the overall calories burnt in 60 or 40 mins long medium/ high intensity work out are likely to be higher than an intense workout with ZWOW workout with Zuzana. How many calories you burn in your work out is entirely up to you. It is how hard you consistently push your body, your heart on a day in day out basses that counts. It will provide you with results.

As for the shorter workouts, I feel they are more suitable when you are at a “maintenance stage” where you are already happy with what you have achieved, i.e with the way you are looking. These shorter work out are like the polishing and cutting a rough diamond into the sparkling carbon that you and I all know. For this reason, I am putting a hold on my BodyRocker30 day challenge.

My new challenge is going to spinning for at least 3 times a week for a month. My goal is to shred fat. Lots of it.

Once I am done with this month, I will see how I look and then start the BodyRocker 30 day challenge again. Don’t think that I will let myself off the hook on the challenge, that is the last thing I will do.

Mark my words!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 7 of 30 BodyRocker Challenge

Results are in, yes for the newbies here, who does not know me, I am a little intent and takes my work out very seriously. I got so inspired by Z, I decided to do all the BodyRocker 30 Challenge 3 rounds. Apart from the Rep. Challenges…

So here is my Day 7 results
Around the world jump + Burpee                                             9,8,9
Lunge swing with 10lbs weight                                                 29,26,30
Ski Abs + Floor sprints                                                               7+10, 6+20, 9+35 (left leg +right leg = 1 rep in my world)
In Crunch position, leg extension keen to chest                   10, 12, 12
Side lunge touch the floor                                                         35, 30, 33
V pushups + straight push up                                                   18, 20+10, 20 +10

Admittedly I took like a 2 mins break in between each circuit of 6 moves, but I do feel that 1 sets is too little for me…. Even every set is killing me….
I hope you are having a wonderful active rest day ;)

Speak to you soon

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 6 of 30 BodyRockerTV Challenge

Ok, so I went another day without BodyRocking. But instead I went to a BodyCombat class instead. Man, did I feel out of shape, at the end of the 50 mins of punches and kicks, we were doing Circular pushups…. That was hard, before the new year, I was doing them with ease. Lesson learnt. Holiday does not mean stopping at the gym!

So Today is my 6th day results:

Repeat the below as many sets as you can for 50seconds, rest for 10seconds. 3 rounds
(Push up + Burpee +T Jump)2 times +10 straight punches           3, 3.5,3
(Push up + Burpee +T Jump)2 times +10 Hooks punches              2.5, 3.5,2
(Push up + Burpee +T Jump)2 times +10 Uppercuts punches       2,2,3
Crunch up                                                                                              24,30,25

Even thought I am itiching to switch over to work out with the sizzeling hot Zuzana Light the orginal team at BodyRocker, I have decided i should challenge myself and at complete this 30days and then switch back to following Z. My Body will prob. thank me for doing this.

What did you do for your heart today?
Have a good weekend!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Zuzana - The best Lost & Found EVER!!!!

I found her. Learn this name now:  Zuzana Light

Respect and love to her. Esp. in love with how she said "I am not going to give up,you will have to....."
Stay Strong, Stay motivated!
Hear me roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuppypowers on a high!

Day 5 of 30 Day BodyRocker Challenge

Day 5

This is my first Rep challenge. Ever! I am so inspired that I am going to add a Rep Challenge once a month to my training to see if I am improving!
So the whole idea here is simple. Do the High Knees and the Knee lifts 4 rounds, that adds up to 400rep. And see how long it take! For me 1 “Run on the spot” = 1Left+1Right

75 Run on the spot with High Knees + 25 Knee Lifts of Dip Station – 10:55sec

Yes. I was slow. I also had to take a lot of breaks. Also, I was careful when I was running on the spot to not land awkwardly and twist an ankle or something. Push yourself hard, but don’t forget to be careful and hurt yourself. Recovery from a workout injury really sucks and it will slow down the progress you have made so far!

Thank goodness it’s Friday, what is your game plan for the weekend to stay moving and eating clean? I am planning on hitting the gym on Sat and Sunday may be do some weights, may be another combat class. For sure I will be doing a bit of baking on Sat so that I can have a clean cheat on Sunday with my man J. Have a good weekend!

Signing off for now.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 4 of 30 BodyRocker TV Challenge

Here are my Day 4 results, I am going to keep you guys up to date with my results!

                                                            S1           S2           S3
Burpees + Push up                           15           10           12
Pull ups @ 80lbs assistance        20           16           12
Triple Plank + Jump                         7              6              6
High Knees on Dip Station             10           12           15

I have decided to take 1 day off in stead of the 2 days off each week Original 30Day BodyRocker TV Challenge but will be doing a 30 days worth of BodyRocker workouts in total. Well i hope i am making sense and i hope to see some of my readers might get inspire to do something similar! take care!

Singing off for now