Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 4 of 30 BodyRocker TV Challenge

Here are my Day 4 results, I am going to keep you guys up to date with my results!

                                                            S1           S2           S3
Burpees + Push up                           15           10           12
Pull ups @ 80lbs assistance        20           16           12
Triple Plank + Jump                         7              6              6
High Knees on Dip Station             10           12           15

I have decided to take 1 day off in stead of the 2 days off each week Original 30Day BodyRocker TV Challenge but will be doing a 30 days worth of BodyRocker workouts in total. Well i hope i am making sense and i hope to see some of my readers might get inspire to do something similar! take care!

Singing off for now

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