Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 7 of 30 BodyRocker Challenge

Results are in, yes for the newbies here, who does not know me, I am a little intent and takes my work out very seriously. I got so inspired by Z, I decided to do all the BodyRocker 30 Challenge 3 rounds. Apart from the Rep. Challenges…

So here is my Day 7 results
Around the world jump + Burpee                                             9,8,9
Lunge swing with 10lbs weight                                                 29,26,30
Ski Abs + Floor sprints                                                               7+10, 6+20, 9+35 (left leg +right leg = 1 rep in my world)
In Crunch position, leg extension keen to chest                   10, 12, 12
Side lunge touch the floor                                                         35, 30, 33
V pushups + straight push up                                                   18, 20+10, 20 +10

Admittedly I took like a 2 mins break in between each circuit of 6 moves, but I do feel that 1 sets is too little for me…. Even every set is killing me….
I hope you are having a wonderful active rest day ;)

Speak to you soon

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