Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 6 of 30 BodyRockerTV Challenge

Ok, so I went another day without BodyRocking. But instead I went to a BodyCombat class instead. Man, did I feel out of shape, at the end of the 50 mins of punches and kicks, we were doing Circular pushups…. That was hard, before the new year, I was doing them with ease. Lesson learnt. Holiday does not mean stopping at the gym!

So Today is my 6th day results:

Repeat the below as many sets as you can for 50seconds, rest for 10seconds. 3 rounds
(Push up + Burpee +T Jump)2 times +10 straight punches           3, 3.5,3
(Push up + Burpee +T Jump)2 times +10 Hooks punches              2.5, 3.5,2
(Push up + Burpee +T Jump)2 times +10 Uppercuts punches       2,2,3
Crunch up                                                                                              24,30,25

Even thought I am itiching to switch over to work out with the sizzeling hot Zuzana Light the orginal team at BodyRocker, I have decided i should challenge myself and at complete this 30days and then switch back to following Z. My Body will prob. thank me for doing this.

What did you do for your heart today?
Have a good weekend!

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