Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Which is more effective P90X, BodyRocker, 6 Pack Shortcuts, Insanity

After a years of yoyo dieting, countless diet pills, loyal viewer of a number of very popular fitness channels on YouTube it has suddenly dawned onto me something that has gone under my “common sense radar” for a long time. Too long.

Don’t get me wrong, all the programs I have mentioned are good solid programs, they are designed to caters for you to establish a habit of working out. Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and that is why programs like P90X, Insanity is 1 month plus. As for the shorter programs like BodyRockers and 6 Pack Shortcuts are also solid programs that motivates you to stick with short intense training, and if you can commit to that 15 mins a day; any form of exercise on a consistent bases will do wonders. Notice the word CONSISTANT; it is something you need, to get yourself lean, and ripped. Commitment to your health and wellbeing involves you getting enough rest, consistently eating well, and consistently moving.

I personally believe, structured programs like P90X and Insanity are actually more suitable for beginners, as they are put together to help you establishing a route, eliminate boredom and assist you in forming a new habit to work out, needless to say, the overall calories burnt in 60 or 40 mins long medium/ high intensity work out are likely to be higher than an intense workout with ZWOW workout with Zuzana. How many calories you burn in your work out is entirely up to you. It is how hard you consistently push your body, your heart on a day in day out basses that counts. It will provide you with results.

As for the shorter workouts, I feel they are more suitable when you are at a “maintenance stage” where you are already happy with what you have achieved, i.e with the way you are looking. These shorter work out are like the polishing and cutting a rough diamond into the sparkling carbon that you and I all know. For this reason, I am putting a hold on my BodyRocker30 day challenge.

My new challenge is going to spinning for at least 3 times a week for a month. My goal is to shred fat. Lots of it.

Once I am done with this month, I will see how I look and then start the BodyRocker 30 day challenge again. Don’t think that I will let myself off the hook on the challenge, that is the last thing I will do.

Mark my words!


  1. Well done on carefully thinking things through on what's right for YOU. Can't wait to hear more about your spinning and the end results. But please don't forget to take your booty padding to spinning class, okay?

  2. Hello, my Cuppy Princess! I got my card yesterday and I LOVE the surprise inside. So pretty and just my style. Thank you, girl! It really made my day! xo

    1. :D finally!!! Hope you will get some good use out of them! ;)

  3. How did the challenge go...I am curious. I feel like I need a change up in my routine, so I'm nosing around in other people's routines for ideas :)

    1. hello! long time no see! Well, at the moment, I am a slight detour. I am finishing a training program that was written by Ava Cowan; i have of course made some modification to the program http://hookedoniron.com/home/ava-cowanher-diet-and-workout-routine
      and then adding running to my schedule. Also I started a online food diary http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/cuppypowers which keeps tract of my Marcos. It's not a public diary, but if you create an account on there, you will be able to see. I am finding this tool very useful.
      I will be doing ZWOW later on this year, as I am in the process of getting my own place! *YEAH* which will allow me to jump around with out getting into my family's face :D
      How have you been?