Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 5 of 30 Day BodyRocker Challenge

Day 5

This is my first Rep challenge. Ever! I am so inspired that I am going to add a Rep Challenge once a month to my training to see if I am improving!
So the whole idea here is simple. Do the High Knees and the Knee lifts 4 rounds, that adds up to 400rep. And see how long it take! For me 1 “Run on the spot” = 1Left+1Right

75 Run on the spot with High Knees + 25 Knee Lifts of Dip Station – 10:55sec

Yes. I was slow. I also had to take a lot of breaks. Also, I was careful when I was running on the spot to not land awkwardly and twist an ankle or something. Push yourself hard, but don’t forget to be careful and hurt yourself. Recovery from a workout injury really sucks and it will slow down the progress you have made so far!

Thank goodness it’s Friday, what is your game plan for the weekend to stay moving and eating clean? I am planning on hitting the gym on Sat and Sunday may be do some weights, may be another combat class. For sure I will be doing a bit of baking on Sat so that I can have a clean cheat on Sunday with my man J. Have a good weekend!

Signing off for now.

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