Thursday, December 30, 2010

My gym

Here is a sneak peek at my gym, my latest second home.

It's right across form my office. I have joint the gym 18 months ago and frankly the membership has been neglected for 16 months before i started using it. Well i guess better than later to be never!!!!

And this ladies and gents, is my "Hell Room" seriously, for me, classes do not get any more hardcore than Spinning.
 This is the studio, where i do my Bodypump & Bodycombat classes. Today i have done my final Bodycombat class for 2010 and it was a good feeling to know that i have managed to stick to my routine even on my day off. One extra surprise of the day is that i bumped into my friend Mr. T at the gym! I had no idea that he was a member; now he has become a target for my new year fitness challenge buddy :)
The machines.... i hope to get more use of these in 2011, don't know about you, but what i really do not like about this area is that there are many Personal Trainers (PTs) hoffering around trying to give you "advice" when frankly, you just want to be left alone!!!!
Anyways, i wish all of you a very happy new year and see you all in the new year!!!! WoopWOop WOOP!!!!!

Signing off!
Cuppypower xxx

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I almost die from cuteness over dose

I've survived another Spinning class, but almost die from cuteness over dose just now. I hope this song will bring a smile to your face :)


I noticed from my Blog Stats a lot of you are from Australia so a Very Good day to you! and thank you for coming back :)

So today is my last day in the office for Year 2011, looking back this year has been very productive. Especially for the pass couple of months; since i started working out again.

I have managed to go from no exercises, addicted to Cakes and Carbs in general to
  • working out 1 class a day, 5 times a week in Nov
  • a minimum of 5 hourly classes a week, some times 2 classes back-to-back in Dec
  • say quit on my cake addition (it was so bad that every time i go and buy coffee for my boss, i would almost had to buy a piece of cake/ pastry of some sort and eat it.... some times they have 2 to 3 coffee a day)
  • only eat natural carbs that comes from fruit and vegetables, i have eliminated as many man made products in my diet as possible (of course, i am only human, i had the "occasional" Coke Zero and CAKE and cookie and..... the list goes on)
To me, nutrition is a very important part of and new health regime, with out the right nutrition and eating habit, no matter how hard you are kicking your own butt at the gym, the results will not show. The workouts that i did in Nov were very different compare to Dec, they are mainly Cardio focus, with 2 weight training class a week.

Back in Nov, my time table was Mon, Wed and Fri = one hour class, Tue and Thu are what i call "Freestyle" where i would pounce on a  Cross Trainer (some of the pros may be calling it Elliptical trainer...)for at least 45mins on an interval program on Level 1. Take a look at the typical class i do BodyCombat , BodyPump

In Dec, i added 2 hours Spinning . I have put off Spinning till Dec, because I remembered it being VERY HARD WORK and if i stared it in Nov, it would have demotivated me. During Christmas week i turned up the heat and added 3 extra classes so that i can eat as much as i like and not feel guilty about it!!!

So i now have a minimum of 5 one hour classes a week, and  I am glad that i did and added 2 hours of Spinning to my work out, it gave my body the challenge it needed.

I am glad to say that I feel fitter and stronger, but not much lighter on the scales. I have plans for something new in the new year and will be sharing that with you soon  :)
I am fighting my fitness battle, are you??
Signing off now.
Cuppypower x

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is it!!!!!

Hello curious visitor,

Thank you for coming!!!

This is just my first blog to introduce myself. My name is Helen and i am 29 something and is about to began a chapter for myself, i hope you will join my journey to see how far i can go and would love to have you as my witness and keep an eye on me so that I can not cheat!!!!

I used to be mega fit back at the time when i was at university, training at the gym 5 times a week. The workouts stopped after i've completed my uni and returned to Hong Kong and the weight came back (sounds familiar, i hear). I am in a committed relationship and have a very loving boyfriend who is a Chef, he used to date super hotties.... nothing like me. (Not that it matters any more). Since i started seeing Cheffy, i grow bigger which peaked in Sep. 2010, when we went away for his birthday.

So you might be asking: Why is she writing a blog and why is she doing this? Who cares anyway!

There are many, the biggest one of all is that I am going to be 30 next year and i don't wanna be this chic that is going to panic and think O.M.G!!! I want to be able to say yes, i am 30, and i have never been fitter and never looked better!!! The other is that i don't wanna bull shit myself and waste my energy any more on thinking "I am so chubby".

Sure, many of you might think that i am not fat anyway, but i am doing this for ME and i think i am chubby. Period.

The important thing is, i am doing it for myself, and i hope with your mental support and refereeing, i will be able to complete this challenge and perhaps inspire other to follow. I want to see how far we can go in terms of our fitness!!!

Stay tuned and i will let you know what i have up my little selves!!!

Signing off now.
Cuppypower xxx