Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to avoid holdiay weight gain!

Hello hello!! This is actually the second attempt in today's blog. The last one was lost when i tried to upload photos..

Anyway, hope you guys are sticking to your workouts and is having a good day. I am because I am on holiday!!!! This is the end of my first day and just wanted to write a note on here to share with you how I am declaring war to gaining weight on this holiday!!!

I cuppypower will be held accountable for NOT gaining weight on this holiday by doing the following:
  • sticking to 1hr carb loading in 1 seating a day
  • staying active (and that is why i am going snorkeling tomorrow!!! well... not really the only reason)
  • working out at the gym. yes, that is right i plan to work out everyday
I shall hold myself accountable by taking pictures of my workouts on the next 4 days as evidence that i am doing it!!!!

So as promise here is some of the photos from my workouts (added on 4th July 2011)

lol. my D.C was too slow to capture a good photo. A big thank you goes out to my man for taking the shots for me every time we hit to the gym!!
Signing off for now
P.S Incase you are wondering.... i was doing P90X for a few days when i was away. NOT insanity, i needed a holiday from ShanT. Now I am starting week 6 of INSANITY again as of 4th July 2011 :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to stick to your workout

Hey curious readers. I got inspired today and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

The idea of No Pain No Gain.

About 4 months ago I “meet” Chicken Tuna this protein craving chic is prob. one of the few fitness devotees who shares very similar feeling as I do towards working out. Let’s be honest about something here. I am working out because I want to look good, a fit body i.e. being able to run faster, lift heavier is the by product. My biggest motivator is LOOKING GOOD. Like my profile suggested.

Chicken Tuna has quite rightly just puts her point across and this is not the place you want to go to for fluffy motivational words. Working out is hard, she does not enjoy it and a lot of times, I do not either. However, we have understood that this is the trade off. If I want a hot body, I have to push through the pain and the discomfort, so that I can build a stronger body and better looking lines. Plain and simple.

I hope by figuring this out and accepting this simply idea, it will help you in sticking with your gulling workouts!
Stay Strong, Singing off for now

P.S One huge different between Chicken Tuna and I are our views on diet. I do not eat clean. Normal nutrition advice do not work for me. I do not share much details on my diet here because simply it is difficult for others to understand this.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

YumYucky People!

If you a fitness crazy, cake thirsty, cardio & weight room junkie or just somebody who likes to check out interesting blogs. You should might have came across one of my fav. fitness blog, Josie and her greedy little monster's (seriously i am not being mean but that is how she calls themselves. GREEDY) second home is a very motivational place that i go to when i needed to put a smile back onto my face.

Anyway, i recently submitted a photo in participation of her YumYucky army blog and guess what! I am on the page!!!! Seriously, check her website out, it's is one darn cool place!

DISCLAIMER: A word of caution, some of the food related images might be too much for some to handle.... it might just trigger a craving reaction.... readers are at their own risk!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please inspire me!

Hello there! Hope you are having a good day so far.

I am hoping you will be able to help me. Would you share with me where do you get your fashion tips? Where do you go and snoop on fashion/ holiday outfit ideas? I have been to the generic website you know, glamour.com,  youtube, Shape.com I have not find any really inspiring ideas yet. Pretty please help!

Confused cuppypower signing off for now

Pressing the +1 button

I have noticed there has been a new little colorful +1 button at the bottom of each of my entry and wondered what that was about. So this is what i digged out. So, press my button! It's right there in plain sight!!!

Signing off for now

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to use your strongest muscle and helps you get bigger

To me my most powerful “muscle” (if you can call it that... may be organ would be most suitable....) is my brain. Life is a challenge and I would say 90% of it is completely out of our control. The only thing that remains predictable in life is CHANGES.  Accepting change (good or bad) will pop in and out of your life in a daily bases, and that it is part of our life, can be very difficult. However, what we all have is this magic muscle that’s in our head. Remember the good old saying “mind over matter”?

Flex your magic muscle and control the things that you can. Fuel your thoughts with more action, less talk, less blame and excuses. Flex it to help you to get the body that you want. So when unpleasant changes happens in life, that you are left with nothing, you can look in the mirror and smile, knowing that at least there is one thing you were in control of.

Your muscle that is currently on your rack, visible to the external world, is a reflection of how strong your mind is, and the dedication you have for yourself.Some people might never understand it, but who cares!? You are the one that is looking great! 

Keep flexing people! Woopwoop!

Signing off for now

Monday, June 6, 2011

P90X results for a skinny guy

This speaks for itself.
It is possible to achieve results in 90 days. All you need to do is Decide, Commit and Succeed.

Go for it! I am here with you all the way!!!

P.S. I tried to visit this guy's link but for some reason it showed an error message, which was a shame. None of the less, his video is very inspiring.

Pizza hut & Taco bell Song. LOL

Hello readers, hope you are having a good start of the day.

If you are a regular at Pizza hut & Taco bell, this song goes out to you. Hopefully when the next time you hit the place, you will think of these beautiful faces singing the Pizza hut & Taco bell song to you as you walk in!

I don't need anything more to rethink if i really really really want Pizza hut & Taco bell.... all i need to think is if eating that stuff will turn me into looking like one of these dudes.....
Josie aka Yum yucky I was thinking of you when i found this! I think you might have eliminated Pizza hut & Taco bell to turn into this BEAUTIFUL FAT BURNING MACHINE!!!!

I wish they will do similar song about McDs or Bread. Do you know if there are any???
Signing out for now!


Guys. Do me a favor. If you come back next time and do not see any sign of me, call the police.

 Sean T has officially killed me.

Just incase he did, i have created a WANTTED NOTE for you guys to distrubute in hope to capture this highly dangours dude.

Thank you so much for your help in advance. and stay safe!
Signing off for now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Choose My Plate Dot Gov

Thanks to Sahar,I am naming today “THE SHIFTY DAY” Finally, I am so happy to found out that the new USDA has finally see sense and has published their new recommendation for the new food consumption distribution. In my mind, this is still not what is ideal in my wired little world, but it is a GIANT-GAN-TIC move towards a less fattening diet!

We have hope people! I hope that this will trigger a chain effect in the general public to rethink their approach to their diet. Surely if the USDA felt the need to readjust their recommendation, does it not raise the question, when will they change it again? Why should I believe them this time, perhaps I should figure out what work for my body instead!

We do you think about the new plate?

This has made my busy Friday into an eye blindingly good day!
Signing off for now