Friday, February 3, 2012

Zuzana - The best Lost & Found EVER!!!!

I found her. Learn this name now:  Zuzana Light

Respect and love to her. Esp. in love with how she said "I am not going to give up,you will have to....."
Stay Strong, Stay motivated!
Hear me roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuppypowers on a high!


  1. Sooo glad she's back. Gearing up to do her ZWOW #3 on Monday.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad she's back too. :) After she left Bodyrock, I pretty much didn't bother with them... Lol. I mean, I TRIED, but... Zuzana is Zuzana & she is the real mastermind & inspiration. :)

    So glad others feel the same way!

    I love your blog, by the way, and thanks for messaging me on Youtube!!

    1. :) hey Esther, so good to see you here!!!! I totally understand how off putting the BodyRocker Site has now become, What i don't like about the "new" BodyRockerTV is that they have all these gadgets that you have to get in order to have a workout, which for the real BodyRockerTV fans who has been there way back will know that BR are about Bodyweight workout.... I also HATE the fact that they have removed some of Z's older videos and it seems that unless you are sucking up to them in your comments, it doesn't get posted....

      Like i said on Z's post, I really didn't want to bitch about it on her tube, as for those who has never meet her should get to know what a great person and great workout she has on offer, instead of all the history. Living the present, living it now!

      Have a good weekend Esther and hope you will get motivated to BR again! xxx