Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to NOT eat food you know you should not be.

I got inspired by Geosomin' s blog about her date with Mr. Beer and Ms. Popped corn.
Eating yummylious food  for as much as i want and not get sick/ fat will probably be one of my 3 wishes if i have a genie that will grant me the wishes.

If you have been reading, you will know that I am a low carber. It has become clear to me, diary and wheat/ grains makes my stomach and skin flare up. It is not what my body wants. However. I was hooked on all that yummylicious process stuff that my body didn't like. I figure out if i "ate" milk (aka ice-cream) even if it was just 1 scoop, it messes with my stomach for a week. If it was wheat/ grains I will have a break out which will take me approx. 2 months to get over it. Clearly not what i need and want.

At the end of Jan, i decided that I have been on and off low carb for long enough to do it flat out, and simply, i had enough of this madness of putting food in my mouth and expect the discomfort to kick in within hours of enjoying the food.

Here is what i did to put it in a picture for myself. It's kind of like kinder garden "good job" stickers. The Red bunnies chops are the days i feed my body in the way that it needs. The Blue piglet chop are the days that; well, i was being a pig. I aim to have a sea of bunnies until my birthday 15Aug.

This is very simply, but i have found it very motivating and empowering to be able to SEE if i am doing the right thing!
Keep up the good work, take one day at a time!!!

Singing off for now


  1. This is indeed my battle at the moment. Occasionally I eat like I "used to" and it catches up with me. Not only do I feel crappy and remember why I don't anymore, but it's inviting the weight to slowly come back...and I will not do that. I'm not going to quibble about the odd pound, but I know what is good for me and what isn't. It's amazing how I can still put my fingers in my ears to ignore the healthy voice in my head if I want to tho :) I am trying to find healthy alternatives and new foods to love...

    Oh - and here's a little blurb about tabatas...

  2. Replies
    1. It has been really difficult for me since the weekend. I have been having this unsakeable craving for cakes. Sponge and Pound cake espeically... I have managed to not give in yet! Putting the chops of my calander and reminding myself how unwell I am going to feel after definatly help.
      Try what I am doing and say to yourself, if i do not eat badly for a week, i will reward myself with xxxxx. Note the "x" can not be a food iteam! May be a visit to the hair dresser, beauty salon?! <3 keep up the good work!

  3. That is a good idea. I keep picking food rewards...I'm going to try that for the weekend instead...when I'm the worst at this :)

    1. Hey, may be you need to be out and about more during the weekend. Perhaps it's because you are spending time at home where you are surronded by food that are intended for the "health haters"!
      and just something that i decided will be a good move is, next time if i am going to be a pig, i will do it first thing in the morning on a Saterday. Then I will have the peace of mind for rest of the weekend and start the burning off process as well before the week starts!

  4. I am usually a no red-meater. I makes me bleh and heavy feeling. But I have been craving prime rib like crazy lately. Yeah. Gonna get me (another) one real soon. I LOVE your calendar/stickies idea!

    1. i had cake binge on Sunday night and guess what? My skin has flar up again! Why oh why do i do it to myself!? Anyway, not saying i regrat eating thoese cakes; espeically i resisited this craving for a week already!