Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a fact,

If I binge eat on carbs, I cannot perform well the following day at work.

My body is telling me this morning, it is not impressed with my poor nutrition chooses from yesterday. I really struggled with my back work outs. Yes, the 80lbs weights assistant pull ups were not easy in week 2 & 3, but they were doable. Today, as you do with P90X I try to push my number by reducing the weight assistance to 70lbs aiming to stay with 12 reps. After 2 of sets at 70lbs I have to add my weight assistance back to 80lbs. Sure i managed my 144reps but I really really struggled to complete them in good form…..

Lesson learnt. No more processed, poor nutrition for me!

Oh, and the fact that i am not getting anywhere near what i should be getting in terms of Close eye time probably doesn't help my performance.

Anyway, keep well and signing off for now

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