Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello everyone,

Happy new year! I have been disconnected to my blog over the past few days! Apologies for those of you who came back to keep an eye on me!

I am sad to report that i have been eating unhealthily over the past few days. It was Chinese new year and i let myself loose a little.... but i did do my P90X workouts. I am now on day 16 of my P90X, I have been eating well most of the time and definitely pressing “play and brining it” but I just don’t seems to be getting the results I was hoping for…. And on Sunday, I almost let this downward spiral get the better of me and gave up on the work out.

I hope in my day weight on the 20th I will be able to re-motivate myself that my dedication is paying off and that my body is changing for the better….

In need for some positive energy here.
Signing off for now.

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