Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stronger than yesterday

Yesterday was my day 19 of P90X which means Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X. As I mentioned before, my weight is not coming down but I am feeling stronger. Last night I proved to myself that I AM stronger. I went from doing weight assisted pull ups of 36lbs x 116reps to Pulling  46lbs x 144reps. I weight 126lbs

I know that my reps are very high, that is because I use the worksheets when I do my pull ups, and how it has 2 lines next to each exercise? I mistaken it for 2 sets for each… so there for I done

2sets x 12reps Reverse Grip Chin-Ups @ 80lbs weight assistant
2sets x 12reps Wide Front Pull-Ups @ 80lbs weight assistant
2sets x 12reps Close Grip Overhead Pull-Ups @ 80lbs weight assistant

X 2

I can’t wait to see if I will be able to do pull ups without weight assistant by the end of the P90X program!!!!
Signing off for now

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