Monday, February 14, 2011

A long lost friend

My day 24 of P90X LEAN calls for Kenpo X.

It made me think of my long lost hero Billy Blanks. He was probably one of the first people to start off the hype for Boxercise. Also my hero who helped me to get in shape during my lower and upper sixth, gearing me up for hitting the gym when i started at university.

I got Billy's Taebo Challenge a while back (like 2 years ago) in one of my many attempts to try to start working out again.... but you guessed it; that never happened.

Since I am missing my cardio so much and I think i need to kick my Kenpo effort up a little bit more, I decided to go with a pro and instead of doing my Kenpo X, I did my Taebo Challenge. I have to say that i was a little disappointed with the work out. Even though it was suppose to be a challenge, i enjoyed his much older work out video . It was not so much of how the videos were filmed, but it was the intensity of the workout itself. Having said that, I still do recommend anyone doing the P90X to substitute the Kenpo for a boxercise pro to shake things up a little bit!!!

The clip is from one of Billy's older work outs. 

Do check out his site, if you are new to boxercise, his work out are pretty easy to follow and he is a great starting point if you are considering picking up Bodycombat. Billy will allow you to get familiar with the different terms used in boxercise TaeBo will definitely get your sweating. If that is what you are looking for. 


Signing off for now.

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