Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pain with P90x.....

Ok folks, I did the back and legs + Ab ripper X yesterday on my P90X program, and today i have muscle pain deep in my butt-ox!!!!!
May be the first week i was trying to understand the moves and this week i have upped the weights on most of the work outs, i am definitely feeling it working my muscles more now. I am however letting my hair down today and eating all the wrong food today because it is Chinese new year! To compensate for this, i am considering either to start P90x again or extend Phase 2 and 3 by 1 week.
I weight myself tonight, and is sad to report that i have not lost even 1 lb :(
But I am not going to give up, I will get in shape and be the healthiest i have been when i turn 30 this Aug. I will do it for myself. I owe it to myself.
Wishing you all a very happy Chinese new year, hope you will be surrounded by love ones and will receive the support you are for in order to achieve your goals in the year of the golden rabbit!
Signing off for now

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