Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The stats are in!!!!

I went to the gym twice yesterday. A bodypump class at lunch and a spinning class after work. I also went for my first Body Composition Analysis in a long time. The special scale is by Inbody, the version i was using was much older version. The report didn't look any where as funky, but it was informative, if you are a gym member, it is highly possible that you will be able to get a report free of charge, a word of advice would be you might get hassled by Personal Trainers....

Just a little bit more back ground of Body Composition Analysis for those that are interested... for those who knows already, please bear with me! The special scale requires you to stand on it barefoot on the scale, whilst holding two sensors in your hands. The Scale than send some magic wave through your body and calculate how much body fat, muscle, and water etc. in your body. The scale takes into account your gender, age and height.

So my status are as follows:
Height: 160cm
Age: 29
Weight: 56.7kg
Soft Lean Mass: 37kg
Body fat: 17kg
Percentage Body Fat: 30% (28% being Normal)
Nutrition Status: Protein, Fat, Mineral are all Normal
Upper Lower Balance: Arm: Underdeveloped    Leg: Normal
Right Left Balance: Arm: Balance    Leg: Balanced

My fluid diagnosis are normal for my arms, trunk and legs, however there are more fluid in my legs. The report suggest that in order for me to maintain this weight, i require the same amount of work out and to consume 1,293.6kcal per day. my BMI is 22.2kg. The report suggest that i am to bring my weight down  by 3.5kg and reduce my fat content by 4.7kg, and gain 1.2kg in muscle

Fitness Score: 74 Points

All very interesting stuff by standing on a speical scale for less than 2 mins!!!!

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