Thursday, January 13, 2011


I came out from my spinning class starving... so i grab myself a large packet of peanut to eat on my way back to work, where i have my lunch is waiting.

Peanut has become my "go to" food/ snack when i am out and about. After all, i am trying to keep an eye on the amount of carbs i am having. Nuts is the most readily available low carb food in hong kong (the cals count is high, but the fat in nuts are considered good fats for you).

A co-worker is also doing a low carb diet. but she has cut out all carbs, and has reduced her size by 1/3 in a matter of 2.5 months. I offered her some peanut when i got back in the office and she replied " i don't do peanut" that made me panic!!! There is only one reason why she would refuse....

I asked the question and she said "you know that a peanut is not really a nut, right?! they behaves (what it does to your body) more like a root vegetable. i.e. potatos"


From now on, i will be cutting out my peanuts! no wonder why i am not losing much weight!!!!

For thoses of you are keeping an eye on the carbs, stay away from the peanut!

Signing off for now
Cuppypowers xxx

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