Monday, January 17, 2011

Healthy eating pyramid..... REALLY?

I am approach my health regime from a different angle this time. I am going to work out, build muscles (which helps me to burn more fat) eat less carb and process food, turn the food pyramid upside down and eat the diet that HUMAN APES are suppose to, pretending that we are in a world where grains and fruits are not so readily available.

Why! I hear you ask. I've been thinking, well, if we are suppose to eat pasta, then is it not reasonable to think that you should be able to grow the stuff on a tree or something? Since when humans started having weight concerns? Perhaps it is down to greed and not eating what we are suppose to eat, something that is Man made instead of what the nature has provided for us? Perhaps it's laziness, having jobs in front of a desk, in front of a computer instead of hunting for food?

The scary thing is when you google "healthy eating pyramid" 95% of the pyramids will show that Process Carbs, such as pasta, bread is at the base of the pyramid; the other 4.99999% shows fruits and vegetable, which still turns into glucose; another form of carbs. Yet no one questions if this "Pyramid" is right for you as an individual!

The decision is yours to decide what is healthy eating. Have we all been brain washed to believe what is "good" for us, when we have been going in circles trying to figure out why we are as a species over weight? Especially when I can put a hand on my heart and say i do eat "HEALTHILY" and is working out?

Signing off for now. Have a good one!
Cuppypowers xxx

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