Monday, January 24, 2011

P90x workouts are designed to destroy even the fittest person..... TRUE!

lol! I was looking at theTeam Beachbody to find out some information about my P90x program and came across one of the fitness adviser's reply to a board member:
From Steve Edwards:
The when say 'can you do two workouts a day' you need to follow this up with a goal. Of course you can, and in a simple sense you'll burn more calories than you will doing one workout of similar intensity. But training effectively is more complex than just working as hard as you can.

The important issues begin with your objectives. One hard workout reduces your ability to do a second hard work. It takes longer to recover from two workouts than one. If you're not recovering you'll overtrain and results will plateau at best. Of course, there are ways to do two workouts and recover. You just need a plan. The most common way people achieve this is be reducing the intensity of their workouts and this may be a tradeoff you don't want to make. It's goal dependant.

In a simple sense you can recover quicker from endurance work. You recover slowly from power work. Hypertrophy, muscle growth, is in between. P90X workouts are designed to destroy even the fittest person. Adding a second workout, unless it's a baseline aerobic workout and short, is going to interfere with your other workout no matter how fit you are. For this to be effective your goals would want to be more endurance-oriented.

Doing one or two workouts per day isn't fitness dependant unless you define what those workouts are what objectives are. There are times for a deconditioned person to do this--perhaps someone who is not fit enough to push their body anaerobically needs to do more baseline aerobic work to get the fitness to, say, do a Power 90 workout. To handle, say, two 90x workouts a day (or do it's doubles program) you need to be fit enough to handle the single workout program otherwise you'd be compromising at both ends.
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