Friday, January 21, 2011

My P90X

Hello all, apologies for thoses of you who has been back to see that there was no update! work has been crazy and with the Chinese new year holiday approaching, the work load seems to be immpossiable to get done.

My P90x kit arrived at my office on Thursday afternoon. I was super excited to receive it. I wanted to start the program on Friday, but because of my lack of determination to go to bed early, i could not get up in the morning to start the program!

I am, however, glad to report that i have made my start today. I will be posting pictures very soon with my pre-P90x photos here, may be along with so stats. I kicked myself out of bed relatively early this morning @ 10:00am (considering this is my day off and i went to bed the night before at around 2:00am). and determined to do the work out prior to my dentist appointment at 11:45am.

Both of the above items ticked off, am now sitting at Sake San having some protein and vegetable for lunch. ahhhhhh.... what a way to start my week end :)

Watch this space people!
Signing off for now.
Cuppypowers xxx
89days to go

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