Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New year, new challgen

I have been training hard for the pass couple of months and about 3 weeks ago, i began looking for something new to keep my body and fitness level ticking. I happens to be surfing on youtube and was looking at fitness related videos, that was when i noticed alot of people were posting their fitness success with a program call P90x

I am pleased to share with you that today i took the P90x fitness test, and i have passed the minimum requirement. I am officially qualify to do the P90x program.

However.... i am experiencing some technical issues with my videos... so i can not start until it will play on my net book!

My plan is to do P90x before i go to work, if i start no later then end of this week, i should be able to complete the 90 days program before my sister's wedding on the 21st April 2011. What a grate way to celebrate the completion!!! P90x is known for its intensity and effectiveness. I am very excited to be getting going with it. No question that i will be posting updates on here so that you guys can keep an eye on me.

Watch this space curious readers! Very soon there will be an official "BEFORE P90x" post. I will be proudly announcing my start date. From than on, there will be another weightin on day 30, 60 follow by the "AFTER P90x" post.

Wish me luck, and keep your fingers cross so that i can start the program soon.
Signing off for now

Cuppypowers xxx

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