Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend slip....

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend, a big apologies for those who came back to check and did not see an update!

It has been a cold and difficult week end. I felt alone and cold. My bf has been very busy at his new job for the pass couple of months and i have not seen much of him. We simply have not had the chance to spend any quality time together. I finally broke down in tears at his work on Sunday lunch time.

I worked out for a couple of hours on Saturday and took Sunday off as my rest day. My ass was aching from the bodypump and bodycombat class from the day before. I wore a workout crop top for the first time in ages. The amazing thing was that by wearing it, it actually made me work extra heard! I could not help but staring at my own stomach (which is beginning to really flatten out).

Eating wise, i have done pretty well this weekend, but i did have a little binge with the nuts on Sunday night. Oh well, could have done worst with binging with process food!

I shall be updating you with a little create i have been keeping from you. It's my new challenge for yr 2011.
Watch this space curious readers!

Bye for now!
Cuppypowers xxxx

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