Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ever wonder how much good stuff you are eating?

Hi everyone!

I will be writing a weekly review very soon about my first week with P90X. I have been wondering how my eating habits has been since i started the program. I felt puckish all day for the pass coupled of days and whilst i was browsing on the P90X message board i saw that someone was recommending an online Calories journal  .

I checked out the site and is excited to share it with you. The Calorie Journal is not the average journal. After populating the items you have eaten during your day, the program actually turns it into pie charts to show you how much of Protein, Fats and Carbs you have consumed on that day. The list of food available to be selected is very very very extensive, it also shows each item's nutrion details. PLUS it allows you to change the units to something you can understands and recalculate it for you! (i.e. instead of 1fl oz of egg ---> 1 large egg)

It has many other useful charting tools such as measurement, weight goals etc. DO CHECK IT OUT! it takes the guess work out of your road to get fit!!!

Signing off for now. Keep up the good work people
Cuppypowers! xxxx

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