Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I NEED positive energy

Today is not such a great day.... feeling exhausted and sleepy. does not want to work out. really want to give up.....somebody please pull me out of this hole!!!!!

No one came to pull me out, so i convinced myself to stick to going to the gym and i will feel much better afterwards.

Indeed i felt a lot better after a Bodycombat & Bodypump class. After gymming and a hot shower, i headed to have some dinner. Temptations are high today to go for a desert; but i told myself i am feeling the way i do today is probably due to all the additives i have been having a couple of days ago when i ate all those yummy, scrummy process goodies.

I have managed to resist having dessert (i try to save the treat to once a week) i hope i am not going to loses my ground when i get home....

In case you are wondering what is it that i had dinner, on the right is seared tuna salad, the picture below is wague beef.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me guys, i will let you know if i managed to keep my eating in check tonight!

I hope you are having a wonderfully wonderful evening. Speak to you all tomorrow :)

Signing off for tonight.
Cuppypower xxx

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