Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Addiction - fad diets


I am one of thoese girls who would try "diets". You know the latest most talked about thing, a very good example the Atkins.

But I would never do a fad diet without doing the reading. I am actually dyslexic and has great difficulty in reading. When I decided I want to do the Atkins diet, I’ve put the effort in and read the book.

Did it work? Yes it did for me. Did i find it easy? HELL NO!!!!!!

I sometimes ask myself “did you really need to go on diet? You mean you don’t know why you are fat?” and my answer is: NO. I know why I am fat

My friends would occasionally ask me about my experience with the Atkins diet and my honest answer would be, yes it worked for me, but I recommend that you first read the book, understand the science that goes behind it. It worked for me, but that does not mean it would work for you.

From my years of “dieting”  i have come to the conclusion that there is a certain food group which I am addicted to which is making me fat. Unfortunately, when it comes to eating items from this food group, there is no stopping or self control. I am sure you guessed it right, I was addicted to carbs. Especially refined manmade carbs. I was hooked on bread, cakes and biscuits. I will only stop when there is no more to eat.

Since I began my work out in Nov, I virtually cut out 95% manmade carbs out of my diet.

I hear you ask:
Was it easy?  NO, Hell no.
Do you miss it? YES, I DO. I miss the texture, the variety, and taste, everything about it.
If you have reached your target weight and is at a point where carbs are allowed in your diet, would you have it?

My answer is, yes and no. I have not cut out all carbs out of my diet. I am still eating my vegetable and fruits. I am still eating my potatoes. I do occasionally have the odd desert, but to reintroduce bread, cakes as a regularly item in my everyday food list? I will think twice, three times about it!!!! I LOVE the freedom that I now have when it comes to refined cards. I do miss it, but love love love the feeling that  i am dependent on it, i no longer think about it when i pass a coffee shop or a bakery!!!

I encourage you to look at your diet and the fad diets that you might have been on. Figure out what worked from each fad diet and what didn’t.Learn from the since that goes behind each fad diet; they will allow you to eventually come out with your very own version.

Signing off for now.
Cuppypowers xxx 

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