Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ab Wheel for 6 packs- how to!

Hello my curious readers. Hope you are all keeping well, digging deep and keeping your body healthy and strong. I am constantly looking for inspirations on the Internet to motivate me to work harder at the gym. 

Meet your inspiration of the day: John. Seriously people, no more excuses, put in the hard work! If John can do the 100+ reps on an Ab Wheel, what make YOU think that you can not. The only thing that is stopping you is YOU . 

Signing off for now.
P.S. May those who don't belive in you and tell you that "YOU CAN"T, YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT" eat their words on a plate with knifes and forks. With a bit of vinegar thrown in.


  1. aha! I do know somebody right now who is eating their vinegary, bitter words. I win. muwahahahahahaaa!

  2. Yum Yucky you've done them a favor by saving them $ for not needing to buy Vinegar ever again! So nice of you!!!! ;)