Monday, May 2, 2011


Hello curious readers! Yes I have been away for a while and thank you for checking in. So just some quick updates from the pass month:
  • Yes, my sister was a bridezillas, I managed to keep my cool on her wedding day and now she is happlied married
  • Yes, I completed my P90X LEAN, and yes, i have taken some after shots
  • Yes I know I know. It's my bad for not posting the photos when i said i would.....
  • Yes I promise I will have the photos up by close of the week. PROMISE!!!!
Something new with my fitness world:
and this brings me to the subject of this blog.

Insanity is a hardcore Cardio work out, it is not easy (and i am saying it on day 2), even the fit test which only consisted of 8sets of 1 min exercises had my heart racing, needless to say that the "warm up of the Day 2 workout had me dripping with sweat, so much so that the floor requires mopping to prevent a fatal accident (such as heart attack, busted lung or simply passing out and apologies for being so graphic about the sweat). BUT why oh why are many people out there compare P90X with INSANITY???!!!??? Why are we comparing Apples with Oranges????

One is to melt the fat off mainly by the means of Cardio workout, the other is to show you how to built more muscle, gain strength and the muscle in turns burn more fat when you are resting.

Love the programs for what they are, love the new challenges it puts on your body. They are both master pieces in their own rights.

The most important of all is YOU. You putting the hard work in and sweating it out! NO ONE can take that credit away from YOU. To me, that is the most important point of all. That is what i choice to focus on.

Stay strong and do what you can to push your limits!

Signing off for now

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