Thursday, May 19, 2011

P90X testimony

I don't need to defend myself why i hit the gym the way i do when i was on P90X. The results speaks through me and all the people out there who has been bringing it. It helped many people to get to a healthier place. A fitness level they have never thought possible.

Decided Commit and Succeed.

I hope videos like this will inspire you, and urge you to start a way of life that you didn't know it existed, didn't realise that you have what it takes.

Signing off for now


  1. So true. So many of us don't realize the potential and what we really are....if we would just cut out the noise and bring it a time or 2 or 90 to see what we are capable of doing!!!

  2. @bosox143 and i have to say that i didn't relize it myself until i was "done" with my first 90 days of P90X. I think the cool thing about P90X is that if you were committed to it for 90 days, the program is actually long enough for your body and mind to establish working out as a new habit, I think that is one of the reasons why so many P90X graduates just keeps on going! So what program are you doing at the moment?