Sunday, May 15, 2011

Motivation to workout

I am so happy to see that my crazy stubbornness toward a fitter me has rubbed off on a number of people around me (well… just a couple)

Allow me to introduce you a friend of mines who has began her journey. She is truely a Diva in progress Diva in Progress

I belive that every one of us is a Mater piece in progress, as long as we are putting in the work, there is no rush to the finish line. How long it takes is entirely up to us. How fast, how far; how hard we want to push is up to us.

Start off by setting yourself a un-fail-able goal and achieve that goal. Make yourself accountable.

By achieving your un-fail-able goal, your motivation will be boosted to push harder and dig deeper. Raise the bar on what YOU CAN achieve!

WE ARE MASTER PIECES in progress!!!! Hear me ROAR!!!!
Signing off for now


  1. I will focus on my Master Pieces instead of Reeses' Pieces. I ate some of those the other day and they tasted like crap anyways. Interesting how lovely junk food tastes different when you haven't had it in a long time.

  2. seriously girl. these evil junk food makers must have sprinkle some "stuff" in their crap to make it so addicitive.
    Btw, did i mention that you are looking awsomemo?!