Friday, May 20, 2011

How to workout during 1hr lunch break

Did I hear you say “working out at my lunch hr is too hard, too rush, too busy!!!” “I cannot work out at lunch”

I hope my photo will inspire you and help you think otherwise.

I primarily work out during my lunch hour. It  gets me away from my desk and I switch out of office mode completely, plus it allows me to break away from  my co-workers/ work to focus on myself. ME. These picture were taken just after my lunch workout today.

I find when I hit the gym at lunch time, I focus better on my work out, I push harder and I don’t waste any time. I don’t notice how busy the place is, I don’t notice people staring, I notice nothing but the way my heart beats the way I breath.

Every second counts, if you think you cannot hit the gym at lunch time, that is because you have convinced yourself that is the case.

Signing off for now


  1. A shout out to Yumyuck! the photos were taken for your recent post!!!

  2. This is fantastic! Keep up the hard work. Showing others that there's always time is a great thing. As Tony says, we make time for the things we WANT to do. WANT to exercise!

  3. @ thefatman, agree. Tony is one of my inspiration. He showed me that i am stronger than i thought possiable!
    I really feel the same way as you do when you said "I might not be the fattest" and the need to "stepping up" and keep on pushing personal limit is very important to me. Hope to see you here soon again!

  4. I'll continue to check out this site, you're doing a great job and making good progress. I think you're a great example of "skinny doesn't mean fit"! You weren't overweight to start with, but many people assume skinny means fit! As you've found out, it certainly doesn't! Keep up the good work!

  5. @thefatman. Thank you for the encouragement. I am making very slow progress. but i have a life time ahead of me. :D wellcome to my crazy fitness world! :D