Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to avoid holdiay weight gain!

Hello hello!! This is actually the second attempt in today's blog. The last one was lost when i tried to upload photos..

Anyway, hope you guys are sticking to your workouts and is having a good day. I am because I am on holiday!!!! This is the end of my first day and just wanted to write a note on here to share with you how I am declaring war to gaining weight on this holiday!!!

I cuppypower will be held accountable for NOT gaining weight on this holiday by doing the following:
  • sticking to 1hr carb loading in 1 seating a day
  • staying active (and that is why i am going snorkeling tomorrow!!! well... not really the only reason)
  • working out at the gym. yes, that is right i plan to work out everyday
I shall hold myself accountable by taking pictures of my workouts on the next 4 days as evidence that i am doing it!!!!

So as promise here is some of the photos from my workouts (added on 4th July 2011)

lol. my D.C was too slow to capture a good photo. A big thank you goes out to my man for taking the shots for me every time we hit to the gym!!
Signing off for now
P.S Incase you are wondering.... i was doing P90X for a few days when i was away. NOT insanity, i needed a holiday from ShanT. Now I am starting week 6 of INSANITY again as of 4th July 2011 :)

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