Monday, June 6, 2011

Pizza hut & Taco bell Song. LOL

Hello readers, hope you are having a good start of the day.

If you are a regular at Pizza hut & Taco bell, this song goes out to you. Hopefully when the next time you hit the place, you will think of these beautiful faces singing the Pizza hut & Taco bell song to you as you walk in!

I don't need anything more to rethink if i really really really want Pizza hut & Taco bell.... all i need to think is if eating that stuff will turn me into looking like one of these dudes.....
Josie aka Yum yucky I was thinking of you when i found this! I think you might have eliminated Pizza hut & Taco bell to turn into this BEAUTIFUL FAT BURNING MACHINE!!!!

I wish they will do similar song about McDs or Bread. Do you know if there are any???
Signing out for now!

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