Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please inspire me!

Hello there! Hope you are having a good day so far.

I am hoping you will be able to help me. Would you share with me where do you get your fashion tips? Where do you go and snoop on fashion/ holiday outfit ideas? I have been to the generic website you know,,  youtube, I have not find any really inspiring ideas yet. Pretty please help!

Confused cuppypower signing off for now


  1. I like and for tips and looks. Also Forever 21 has great accessories and H&M offers a magazine that you can pick up in the stores but they also have a website I've also found nice articles in the Fitness and Women's Health magazines, perhaps its just not available in the online versions.

  2. Hey Tonda, Thanks for the tips and I love Jazz's Blog!!! I actually is a DIY freak as well. My sister once said to me "can you actually buy a piece of clothing and do NOTHING to it?! "!

    I am off for my holiday tomorrow and i actually found some awesome YouTube channels such as (ok. admittedly this one i am "over- aged" for) & (UK based sister makeup guru duo) when i digged deeper! Unfortunately, I am in Hong Kong and it has meant that some of the greatest online fashion is unavailable to me. 

    I plan to do a blog with the looks i have put together when i am away. I really didn't find much online which i found useful regarding holiday packing...

    I hope you find this place interesting and hope to see what you think about my holiday look which should be uploaded on the week end! :)
    P.S. do you have a blog?