Thursday, June 2, 2011

Choose My Plate Dot Gov

Thanks to Sahar,I am naming today “THE SHIFTY DAY” Finally, I am so happy to found out that the new USDA has finally see sense and has published their new recommendation for the new food consumption distribution. In my mind, this is still not what is ideal in my wired little world, but it is a GIANT-GAN-TIC move towards a less fattening diet!

We have hope people! I hope that this will trigger a chain effect in the general public to rethink their approach to their diet. Surely if the USDA felt the need to readjust their recommendation, does it not raise the question, when will they change it again? Why should I believe them this time, perhaps I should figure out what work for my body instead!

We do you think about the new plate?

This has made my busy Friday into an eye blindingly good day!
Signing off for now