Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to stick to your workout

Hey curious readers. I got inspired today and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

The idea of No Pain No Gain.

About 4 months ago I “meet” Chicken Tuna this protein craving chic is prob. one of the few fitness devotees who shares very similar feeling as I do towards working out. Let’s be honest about something here. I am working out because I want to look good, a fit body i.e. being able to run faster, lift heavier is the by product. My biggest motivator is LOOKING GOOD. Like my profile suggested.

Chicken Tuna has quite rightly just puts her point across and this is not the place you want to go to for fluffy motivational words. Working out is hard, she does not enjoy it and a lot of times, I do not either. However, we have understood that this is the trade off. If I want a hot body, I have to push through the pain and the discomfort, so that I can build a stronger body and better looking lines. Plain and simple.

I hope by figuring this out and accepting this simply idea, it will help you in sticking with your gulling workouts!
Stay Strong, Singing off for now

P.S One huge different between Chicken Tuna and I are our views on diet. I do not eat clean. Normal nutrition advice do not work for me. I do not share much details on my diet here because simply it is difficult for others to understand this.


  1. Awesome - tell it like it is! Working out isn't easy, it isn't always fun and in some ways you could consider it a 'necessary evil'. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it - right? You have "work" through it. This isn't watching TV, this isn't sitting in a sweat shop. This is good old hard fashioned physical labor. Only the reward isn't a log cabin or a worked ranch, but instead a fit body!

  2. That is why hitting the gym is call a "work out"!!! If it was easy, no one will be buying fitness magazine and saying “wow look at those amazing abs on that model”, no one will be writing articles about "how to get a beach ready body in 3 weeks", there will be no supplement companies claiming they have formulated the latest fat burning pills.
    Getting in shape should not be motivated for other people in your life but for your own pleasure; be it getting fitter or for vanity (my case).
    Most of all, getting in shape should not be about expensive gym memberships, personal trainers etc. It should all boil down to accepting that the only cost will be your time, mental commitment with a little physical pain thrown into the mix!

  3. It's nice to see someone else write this. I get asked a lot since I've made a real effort to be healthy and exercise hard core" how I do keep it up. Noone wants to hear "I just do". Some days I want to and some I don't but I always feel good after I work out. I could say "it's too early" or "it's too hard" or "I don't want to today"...and that would get me nowhere. To me it's having realised what I need to do to be strong. :)

  4. @Geosomin thank you for the heart felt comment. I just think that for thoses who are looking to get inshape should really look deep inside of themself and really admit or try to understand this simple trade off. It will allow them to move on and get movint! I think it really will help them to stay motivated as well!
    Hope to see you soon again Geosomin! :D