Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Motivation tips

I want to make a confession. My motivation level has been a little Wobbly lately. I know that I could come up with a million reasons why that is, and I am not going to make excuse for myself.

I have been desperately trying to get my focus back on and I am happy to report that my  motivation tank has been fully replenished. I want to share with you what happened to me in the pass 2 week.

1st event. My bf took a picture of me when we were away on holiday
Here it is.

We are always very critical of ourselves, but hand on my heart, I looked toned in the pictures, and that pictures were “normal picture” taken when I was completely off guard. Also he took some pics for my How to avoid holiday weight gain blog, again, in some of the photos, I looked strong and focus

Second event took place yesterday when I was doing my INSANITY. A fellow gym rat was doing some stretches after his run (he looked like an endurance runner) and he was there for about 5 mins or so. Just as I was down getting ready to do my S hop thing for the warm up he said to me “that could only be INSANITY, you are keeping up quite well” and then he went on to say “how many times have you been through it?” I was too busy to keep myself from having an heart attack and quickly replied “my 1st round but I have completed P90X before this. Have you done INSANITY” and his reply was “I started a few times”

One final event happened today at my INSANITY: Max Plyo session at lunch time. A personal trainer was working with a middle age lady (who is hopefully on her starting point of fitness journey) and they were there for a good 40 mins at least. The trainer was in the process of explaining core exercise, and I over heard him say “Even I couldn’t do some of the move she is doing” the lady “it looks like hard work” the trainer than said “Yes it is hard work, but she has trained a solid core”

To hear a Personal Trainer admitting that it takes hard work to build a strong body, better lines did it for me.

To have fellow Gym Rats indirectly motivating me by letting me know that what I am doing is not easy.

To know that I am not alone on my jounry in pushing my psersonal limits on a daily bases (please see my fellow fitness crazy blogger YumYucky)

To know that I am much stronger and leaner than what I see in the mirror is a comforting and motivating thought.

What motivates you? Can I help in getting you M Power back on track?!
Stay strong and keep pushing and you will be surprise how far you can go.
Singing off for now


  1. I've got get to get out the door and head for work, but I HAD to drop you a quick note! The pictures your BF took are great - definitely shows that you are making progress! I agree too, it's got to be nice to hear others muttering around you about how this or that (that you are doing) is difficult and how you are succeeding. Guess that is one good thing about going to a regular gym and not just your living room!

    Either way, keep up the hard work - you are getting great results!

  2. First off, I gotta sat that you look like one of the James Bond girls coming out the water like that. As if you thwarted some type of motor boat explosion during your spy work, and you just swam to the shore, all cool and calm. haha! Cuppy-woman, you've inspired ME! Today I'm allowing myself a few (planned) greedy moments (ahhhh), but when I'm back at doing what I do tomorrow, I'm gonna take it up a few notches. Yes, I think I'll do that. weeeee!!!

  3. my greedy lady, how did you know, when my bf send me the photos via his i-phone, the file names were bondgirl take 2 :) hey, how about we do a blog cross over?! I have a great idea (at least i think it is great!)will blog about it!