Thursday, December 30, 2010

My gym

Here is a sneak peek at my gym, my latest second home.

It's right across form my office. I have joint the gym 18 months ago and frankly the membership has been neglected for 16 months before i started using it. Well i guess better than later to be never!!!!

And this ladies and gents, is my "Hell Room" seriously, for me, classes do not get any more hardcore than Spinning.
 This is the studio, where i do my Bodypump & Bodycombat classes. Today i have done my final Bodycombat class for 2010 and it was a good feeling to know that i have managed to stick to my routine even on my day off. One extra surprise of the day is that i bumped into my friend Mr. T at the gym! I had no idea that he was a member; now he has become a target for my new year fitness challenge buddy :)
The machines.... i hope to get more use of these in 2011, don't know about you, but what i really do not like about this area is that there are many Personal Trainers (PTs) hoffering around trying to give you "advice" when frankly, you just want to be left alone!!!!
Anyways, i wish all of you a very happy new year and see you all in the new year!!!! WoopWOop WOOP!!!!!

Signing off!
Cuppypower xxx

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