Saturday, March 19, 2011

P90X Lean Day57- Phase III

Hello readers, it has been a while since i last updated my blog. So today is my first day of Phase III of my P90X program.

Chest and Back.

It was hard!!! But i did much better than i thought i was going to, before i started i actually watched the different moves and decided that i am going to set a rep goal that is going to be hard to achieve in good form when round 2 kicks in.

My goal was 12reps for the push ups, and for the pull ups i set the goal at weight assistance at 70lbs, 14 reps per set. In total today i did 84rep weight assisted pull ups and 130 push up of various kinds. Admittedly most of my push ups were done on my keens, but i aim to be able to do the 130 push ups on my toes by the end of the Phase III.

The hardest of all of the push ups was the Dive-Bomber Push-up.

seriously. this dude is making it look so easy! I managed 4 in some sort of form and if Zuzana only managed 5 i guess i am doing well (even the form is bad!). I wish Andre was there to tell me if i was doing it in good form!

Watch this space since my 60day photos are coming out soon!!! :)
Have a good week end everyone!

Signing off for now

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