Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do you know what is making you FAT????

Have you figured what is making you fat yet?

I am not talking about, you know, the common stuff. i.e. eating too much and not working out.
I am talking about have you figured out WHAT FOOD is making YOU fat. That’s right. What is it?

Challenge your mind with this:
If vegetables (apart from root vegetables like potatoes) is the super food that is supposed to be so good for you that it is almost impossible to make you gain weight, than why are  Hippo are so FAT????

How about wales? They eat micro organisms for gods sakes…. Yet why are they the largest mammal on planet earth?

So going back to my brain twister, what does your logic tells you? Is it really the fatty food making you over weight? Is the really the carbs?

I personally believes there is no one size fits all. Use your own logic and judgment to help you to identify what is your body trying to tell you. Use your judgment on stuff you read about “diets” really, no body knows how you feel but yourself.

What is your thought on this?!
Singing off for now

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