Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How was your week?

Hello followers. Sorry that I have been a lazy ass and not been keeping you guys on the loop with my P90x progress. I am sad to report that last week i did hardly anything. Apart from the Chest, Shoulders Triceps + Legs & Back DVDs along with the Hata Yoga and spinning, i have not been following my P90x schedule. I missed my Core Synergistics and my Cardio X. The worst is that applies to this weeks’ worth as well plus I have been eating processed carbs over the weekend. To put it bluntly, i have a complete P90x meltdown!!!!

So to restart, and undo the wrong i am on a NO CARB diet for the remainder of Phase 2 and is going to repeat week 5 on my “rest week” I hope that way i will be back on track. I owe this to myself. I refuses to let this bring me down.

I will complete my P90x ontime. I hope you will be there with me on my jounry.
Signing off for now

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