Wednesday, August 31, 2011

True shortcut to 6 packs - REALLY!

Take a look at this. This is not my amazing photoshop effect it is the freaky result of £6,000.

My dear readers this is a lesson on “Know what you want, and how you want it” I discover this gentleman- Darryn Lyons today at work and I have to say, I was shocked with what I saw. I digger deeper about this guy and found out that he is from the UK reality show Big Brother. So what is the point you are asking

I understands that everyone is searching to look good the fastest way possible and that we are being brain washed to accept that a 6 pack is the ultimate sexy hot look. Sure thing if you have the money to give you a little bit of help in fixing thing that you cannot deal with, I am all for it! BUT look at this dude!

Does he not realize that you didn’t need to get surgery to get you a 6 pack abs so that you can look like the monster super heor

everyone has a set of them, he simply had the money and wanted a quick way out without putting in the hard work.  This is the wrong shortcut which has turned this guy into the biggest joke around!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against plastic surgery at all, in fact I am all for it and has plan to undergo some work for myself. However, I want to point out that want I want to get done is something that I cannot achieve via workout/ watching my nutrition. It’s is really, my genes. AKA. I am Asian and therefore I have no boobies….

I am fed up with man (and female) leaving comments on fitness models vlogs/ workout demonstration on YouTube saying that “FAKE”, “I am put off by the fake boobs”  I wonder if they realize why so many fitness models out there has implants. Just in case they didn’t let me explain why. It is because in order to see a 6 pack, your body fat must be in the region of less than 12% and pro competitors body fat % will be even lower. Since Boobies are made out of fatty tissue, if you never had much before will mean that you will end up with NONE!

I want to have strong lines, that means I have to build up my muscle, that means I need to be very lean and I am getting there since my abs are beginning to show, BUT I also want to feel feminine. I feel incomplete and uncomfortable in my own skin that I do not have the “top” to match the rest of the curves I have on my body, to what I think is pleasing to my own eye. That is why I want to have surgery done on me when the time is right. Not because what other people brain wash me into what is desirable, or that it is a short cut to look “prefect”.

Lift weights like a man, think like a lady I say!
A little tune i was listening when i was lifting weights today at the gym!
Have a good day everyone!

Signing off for now

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