Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Opus!!!! Muscle burns less calories then what we have been lead to believe

Ok Guys, I think we all need to make time to read this article. Which I suspected was the case along time ago. The myth of ripped muscles and calorie burns

For thoses of you who has been reading my blog for a while will know that i do not just "believe" what i read or just "follow" advices that has worked for other people. I opt for working it out for myself.

I always has thought to myself. If i have gained so much muscle, and i have pretty much kept the same diet, the fat should have just melt off my body and cardio will not be required. Guess what. When i was doing INSANITY, i find that I had a much leaner look (without changing my diet) and now that i am on my weight lifting program, which in theory should provide me more muscle and helps me to burn more fat, is actually give me a more "wobbly" look.

So, please take some time to take a look at the link, if what it said is true, that will mean relearning everything we knows about working out and fitness. It sucks i know but it is important that we remains open minded and do what is the most effective! Life is too short to be wasted!

Signing off for now


  1. oh gosh. That's the things that bugs me when there's all this data to support an idea, and then years later, there's different data to debunk it. Gah! I'm gonna keep doing what I do - find the things that work best for ME.

    But You? Wobbly? C'mon! that's a myth. ;)

  2. @yumyucky. You know what. I do have my wobbly bad days.I so hear you about "researches" "studies" and "lab test" and things like that. doesn't it make you wonder when are they going to find out that eatting french fries 3 times a day at 1 ex-large serving each time is going to boost your ma-ta-bo and help you to be a "skinny b!tch"?!