Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One less "i can not work out because ....." oh yeah!

This piece of news (that's not so new any more) made my day!

Yes, i know i am jumping the gun here, since i have no ring on my finger yet, but I know that i want to be a mum and the thought of losing my figure (which i worked so hard for) because the lack of activity whilst bearing a little monster in my tummy just totally destroys me. You know all the talk about "you are not giving the baby enough oxygen when you work out" " Hormones that are being produced after exercise can harm your baby"

I have actually been researching for a while for exercises that you can do BEFORE you are pregnant specifically cater for faster rebound after child birth and/or assist with a more comfortable pregnancy. But the information is almost none existed! It's all about things that you can do DURING your pregnancy. That is too late, I want to be in the best form ready to receive little monsters!!!! Any ideas or good recommendation of sites i can look at?!

Stay strong and signing off for now


  1. I have no baby experience, but I thought I'd comment -My friend did aquafit while pregnant and she really liked it - it was OK for the baby and really kept her healthy and fit. She felt it made it easier to lose the weight after, as she still had some strength, but the challenge was the 6 weeks of healing post birth where you really shouldn't workout. She just tried to eat well during and after pregnancy and not worry about it. And it was true - if you're healthy, things go back eventually. I mean...You grow a baby! Over 9 months! Inside you! Then you push it out! This has to take a while to adjust to :P
    I always figured I'd get down to the shape I wanted to be and I'd then immediately get pregnant :) If anything, apparently too much exercise can hinder getting pregnant for some people. It's all rather confusing to me :)

  2. @ Geosomin, That's the thing. I mean, don't tell me that i have good genes to have this body. I work dam hard everyday to get it! And what makes people think that being pregnant = getting fat. And the world seems to think that after you had a baby, woman seems to just "give up" on their figuer!!!! What is that about.
    What i had to say is, if a woman is strong enough to create and carry a baby for 9 months and than push that baby out, WE ARE strong enough to become a hot mama!!!! I mean Yumyucky is a fine example!!! I refuse to blam my baby for me being out of shape. I want to be someone that inspire them.